Striker Soft Body Armor Plate Carrier Side Insert – Small – 6” X 11”


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Striker tactical is a leader in affordable body armor. Value and performance seamlessly integrated while providing maximum coverage, Striker Tactical Level IIIA Soft Body Armor Plate carrier side inserts Combines these features into a single armor system; resulting in both economic and high functioning soft body armor. Our semi-flexible NIJ IIIA compliant panels are approx. 1/4 inch thick, weighs 7oz. Striker Tactical’s Soft Body Armor is sealed inside a waterproof bag to insure safety from all types of liquid. The wear side has a thin 3/16” liner of foam for extra comfort, so make sure this faces your body.

This product only fits into the Striker Guardian Plate Carrier and is used for Level IIIA protection on the side of your body. There are two sizes available.

1)      6” X 12.5” and is used for the Large Guardian Plate Carrier

2)      6” X 10.75” and is used for the Small Guardian Plate Carrier.


Constructed from Uhmwpe and NIJ Level IIIA compliant is capable of defeating pistol rounds up to .44 magnum, and lesser level IIIA pistol threats. Designed to be used in standard plate carriers, stand-alone or in conjunction with rifle plates. Striker Tactical Soft armor is a cost effective insurance policy that fits in nearly everyone’s budget, offering piece of mind for everything from home defense and training to duty use. Striker Tactical soft body armor is for everyone, and can be applied both in the field and every-day life without it braking the bank, and the performance you expect from Striker Tactical Body Armor without the sacrifice in quality or value. High value soft body armor is now a reality in the body armor industry! Constructed with Imported Uhmwpe, Designed, Cut, Sewn, and Assembled in the USA!


Threat Rating: Stand alone and IIIA rated for pistol caliber threats up to .44 magnum


Construction: Uhmwpe Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene


Size: 6” x 12.5” for Large Guardian Plate Carrier and 6” X 10.75” for the Small Guardian Plate Carrier.


Weight: 7oz. assembled in a waterproof bag.


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