sjc muzzle brake


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Product Description

AR-15 Recoil Compensator/ 22/556 caliber comp. Weight 5.5 oz

Developed by Grandmaster 3-Gun shooter Erik Lund and S&J Customs

  • Legal for Limited,Tactical, and Open Division rifles
  • Designed with gas vectoring technology to maximize recoil control, minimize torque and shot to shot recovery time
  • Design traps expanding gasses in the baffles and increases dwell time for maximum efficiency possible
  • Optimized to work with any length 22 caliber barrel (1/2″x28 tpi)
  • Join the growing list of 3-Gun competitor’s making the switch to the Titan Comp
  • Erik Lund
  • Mike Seeklander
  • Phil Strader
  • Jeff Cramblit
  • Ernest Langdon


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