QC10 Side Charging Upper Receiver


Quarter Circle 10 – The AR15 Pistol Caliber BRAND- Side Charging Upper Receiver

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The Quarter Circle 10 Side Charging Upper Receiver is a highly rigid upper receiver designed specifically for pistol-caliber AR builds. Our upper receiver design is derived from the industry-first Gibbz Arms G9 receiver, and with the help of Gibbz engineers and our pistol caliber expertise, we’ve brought you the best possible choice for a dedicated pistol-caliber build. The QC10 Side Charging Upper features:

Latching, non-reciprocating, left side charging handle

Spring-loaded rear door minimizes blowback when firing suppressed

Widened ejection port for clean ejection of large-bore cartridges

Slick side aesthetic perfectly complements QC10 Lowers

Compatible with GSF, GLF, and CLT9MM Lowers

This model not compatible with QC5 lower or QC10 Keymod Handguards

QC10 Side-charging uppers designed and manufactured with Gibbz Arms technology

Handguards with overlapping anti-rotation tabs may not be compatible with QC10 billet upper receivers, including Side Charging uppers.

Side Charging Uppers will have up to a 2-week lead time before shipping


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