FLIR LS-Series Thermal Monocular $2,599.00–$3,599.00


The FLIR LS series is a Thermal Monocular hardened for law enforcement officers for everyday use. A flashlight will give away your position immediately and only illuminates your area; No matter how clever the suspect may be, they can’t hide their heat. The FLIR LS is destined to become an essential tactical advantage.

The LS features a small, palm-sized portable body at only 12 oz and 7 inches long. The LS is a rugged all-weather system with rechargeable batteries operating 5 hours or longer. There are several polarity palette options: White Hot/Black Hot/InstAlert – which highlights your target in red.

Day or night you can see through smoke, dust, & fog. There are two models for the LS series: LS-X (336×256 – up to 4X ezoom) and LS-XR (640×512- up to 8X ezoom). All models of the LS series are US made with a one year warranty.


Standard Accessories: USB Cable, USB AC Adapter, Wrist Strap, Soft Drawstring Bag, and Product CD.

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Resolution LS-X = 336 X 256
LS-XR = 640 X 512
Frame Rate LS-X = 7.5 or 60 Hz
LS-XR = 7.5 or 30 Hz
Field of View LS-X = 17 X 13
LS-XR = 18 X 14
Magnification LS-X =2X, 4X E-zoom
LS-XR = 2X, 4X, 8X E-zoom
Battery Life 5+ hours
Warranty> 1 Year / Refer to FLIR Registration Warranty
Polarity Control White Hot/Black Hot/InstAlert
Battery Type Internal Battery/Li-Ion
Weight 12.9 oz (366 g)
Dimensions 6.7″ x 2.3″ x 2.4″
Detection Range – Man LS-X = 600 yards (548m)
LS-XR = 1200 yards (1090m)

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431-0010-21-00, 431-0010-21-00S, 431-0011-21-00, 431-0011-21-00S